50K today? prizes! olé!

Fifty is an important measurement in the United States. It’s a big honkin’ deal to turn fifty years old or to have been married fifty years.

Sometime today, I’ll hit 50,000 visits to “Operatoonity.” (Not page views–those numbers are even higher.)

The fact that 50,000 unique visitors stopped by this blog is a reason to strike up the harpsichord. Break out the baroque. Give  away some prizes!

When I started this blog in February of 2010, I never imagined so many people would eventually visit a blog about opera. I hoped readers would stop by but had no expectations of hundreds of visitors daily. That’s why I’m celebrating today!


I’ll be giving out prizes–Operatoonity mugs and mousepads, which feature my new URL: http://www.operatoonity.com–which I’ll be moving to at the end of the month.

One lucky visitor will even win his or her own profile on this blog.

To be eligible to win a prize or profile, just leave a comment on this blog today, August 2, 2011, the day that I’ll hit 50K visits.


And thank you for visiting “Operatoonity.” I hope you found what you were looking for. I’m absolutely tickled you stopped by and hope you’ll stop back soon.

Don’t forget to leave a comment. Since the editorial focus moves to modern opera this month, I’d welcome a comment about your experience with modern opera, viewing or performing. You can also suggest modern operas you value, whether  you appreciate it as much as classic opera or anything you care to comment on.


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9 responses to “50K today? prizes! olé!

  1. 50,000 unique hits it quite a milestone. Thanks for spreading the good word about opera! Keep it up!

    • Thank you kindly, Eric. Your profile last month was a highlight. And I look forward hearing more good things about you in the future.

  2. I love modern opera. I think modern opera holds such promise for the future of American art and American music–it is the mirror that, when used correctly, can show us so much of our unique consciousness.

    • I confess I’m trying to like it but have less fluency with it than classic opera. That’s one of the reasons I decided to make it an editorial focus–so I could learn more. Stopped in on your blog, btw! It’s nifty, Arkansassy sop! I’ll link you.

  3. Congrats! On the subject of modern opera, what sort of chronological cutoff are you using? Composers working today? Post-Britten? Post-Tristan? (That last one’s a joke. But, in a sense…!) One of the things I love about the late 20th/early 21st century operas I’ve heard is their creativity with engaging dramatic tropes and the musical history of the genre.

    Although I’d never really thought about it relative to specifically American music–and the question of how/if national traditions of composing have influence today is another topic!–I think Georgeanne’s point about contemporary music’s power to engage (reflect, or critique) the concerns and aspirations of our historical moment is a good one.

    • Well, I tend to get carried away but 50,000 visitors seemed like a lot to me, and I did want to make a to-do-ta-da out of it since I’ll have to start my count over when I change to wordpress.org. Isn’t that a bummer? Thanks for stopping! Do you keep your stats? Are you pleased with them?

      • Definitely worth a TA-DA! I use statcounter.com to keep track of my stats. I like seeing how people are finding the blog, which posts are popular, etc., and I’d like to think it helps me blog smarter. Of course, it can also be gratifying.

  4. Congratulations on the 50,000 mark! Wow! Looking forward to seeing your new site!