Wolf Trap’s ‘Zaide’ features futuristic fashion and a fresh finish

When Wolf Trap Opera Company presents Mozart’s Zaide, June 11, 13, 15, and 19, they aren’t letting a little shortcoming like an unfinished opera faze them.  In fact, they’ve turned it into a distinctive. How the story ends will be determined by audiences at each performance of this two-act opera in German with supertitles.      

Doesn’t it make you want to be there, knowing you could help shape the end of a classic opera?      

Mattie Ullrich's sketches for Zaide


Zaide tells the tale of a man and woman held hostage in a foreign land, finding love in one another’s arms. Though the show is unfinished, make no mistake,  Mattie Ullrich’s costumes will be complete–and promise to be stunning. They help create the futuristic/foreign setting of the production, according to sketches released by the show’s publicist.      

Read more about their upcoming show at: Wolf Trap Opera Company Features Fashion Center Stage.      

And enjoy another photo of Ms. Ullrich’s stunning designs (from her website portfolio).      

From Wolf Trap's 'Ariadne...' in 2008

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